Liberal Education 1000 - Summer 2019 Course Offering (Lethbridge & Calgary Campus)

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

For the first time, Liberal Education 1000 - Knowledge & Liberal Education (LBED 1000) is being offered as a “blended” course during Summer Session I (May 6 - June 17) and will be held across both the Lethbridge and Calgary campuses. Lectures will be held in Lethbridge on Mon/Wed, and video-conferenced to the Calgary campus. Lethbridge campus students will have their lab/tutorial portions of the course also on Mon/Wed; and Calgary campus students will have face-to-face lab/tutorial session with the instructor in Calgary on Thursdays. We will also be including some virtual office hours for students.

This course is perfect for students who will be returning home to Calgary for the summer and would still like to take a summer course!

LBED 1000 is a great "intro to university" course: it offers an overview of the research and ideas of science, social science, humanities and arts, as well as promoting good writing and study skills in the labs and tutorials. The theme or question that runs through LBED 1000 is knowledge. What is knowledge? How do we produce it, judge it, use it? How is knowledge used to shape public policy, and our society in general? Is knowledge the same in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the arts? We will use the principles of a liberal education to explore the broad concept of knowledge with rationality, careful skepticism, toleration, and equality. We will examine how knowledge is created and shared across disciplines and how it shapes our interactions with each other and the world around us. 

LBED 1000 a slice of the whole university in a single course - think of it as University 101! This course is structured into classes/lectures, tutorials, and labs. The lectures are introductory, multidisciplinary, and critical examinations of knowledge, with broad integration of examples from Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts. The labs will help develop practical skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking that will help you succeed in all in your classes. In the tutorials you will critically explore the course topics and themes with your colleagues led by peer tutors who have experience with liberal education at the U of L. 

This course will challenge you to communicate and engage with the themes, topics, and ideas three ways: reading, writing, speaking. The assignments and exams will help you develop your critical, analytic, and synthetic thinking. The class discussions and tutorials will help develop your oral communication skills. All the work in this course will help improve your ability to read, write, and communicate effectively.

Please note that although this course does not count on any Lib Ed list, students who take it plus either of LBED 2000 or Library 2000 get to count those two courses towards one course from each of the THREE lists, so they get a "bonus" towards their list requirements.


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