ICE Electroacoustic Ensemble (MUSE 3352) open for registration

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ICE "Electroacoustic" Ensemble will meet in the Fall Term on Mondays, 7:00-9:50 pm

ICE is a music ensemble course (MUSE 3352) with regular musical instruments, electronic and digital instruments. Activities include composition and free improv, experimenting with live electronics, and developing new instruments and sounds, as well as live coding, live gameplay, experimental video, and software synthesis (Logic Pro, Ableton Suite, Max, among others). Looking for new members to contribute to the electroacoustic scene at the university and in Lethbridge. 

Check out some of our past work.

Seldom Somber by David Schlatter (film)

IN C by Terry Riley

Metamorphic Blues for Piano, Meta Saxophone and CDJ 2000

Much more at 


For more information, contact Dr. D. A. Stewart, Director


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