Geology 2060 (Physical Geology) - Spring 2019 Seats Added

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Enroll in Geology 2060 in the Spring of 2019 with René Barendregt and learn to understand the beauty of rocks and minerals! Learn to read the landscapes where they occur. The course will be liberally sprinkled with examples from all over the world and will focus especially on the Canadian Cordillera (Rocky Mountains) and the vast expanses of Canadian Prairies.

This course is an introduction to Physical Geology: the scientific study of Earth, its nature, composition, and structure, and the processes shaping it. Topics include formation and identification of common minerals and rocks; plate tectonics and the processes of continent and ocean basin development; structural geologic processes and features (basins, domes, faults & folds); geologic time, strata and fossils; geological resources, geological disasters, and the geology of North America, western Canada, and southern Alberta. The course consists of weekly lectures and labs, plus a few (optional) Saturday field trips to places such as the Crowsnest Pass and the Monarch Fault outcrop.

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