Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Water and the Environment

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Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Water and the Environment, University of Lethbridge

Amount and Term - US$25,000 for 4 months
Grants begin in either September 2019 or January 2020
Contact - Brad Hector Fulbright Canada Program Officer (Scholars)

Water is at the nexus of Alberta’s social, environmental and economic prosperity. Population growth in Alberta, in Canada and globally, coupled with water needs for economic purposes including energy, agriculture and food, as well as the water requirements for a sustainable environment are key areas of research focus at the University of Lethbridge. The university’s multi and trans-disciplinary approach to water research explores ways to conserve water, diversify water sources, protect water quality and mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. By collaborating with stakeholders in the broad water community, research findings are translated to inform public policy, improve water management practices and to develop climate adaptation solutions that improve sustainability outcomes.

Specializations: Water quality and safety, water resource and environmental modelling, water resources management practices, development and implementation, consumption patterns, riparian ecosystem management, water economics, water and society, water-related health issues and the relation of water resources and climate change.

Applicants are encouraged to identify their primary and alternate choices on the application. Formal letters of invitation should not be sought; however, applicants are encouraged to contact the institution to discuss research interests.



Penny Pickles | pickpj@uleth.ca