FLOf Facilitating Learning Online – Facilitation (10-week online course)

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Within the FLOf course, participants will explore multiple aspects of facilitating courses online learning by connecting learning theory with practice. Participants will participate in authentic tasks that require critical thinking, collaboration, facilitation, and the creation of online learning activities. The first week of the course is designed to help participants familiarize themselves with the course instructors, outline, and expectations. The following weeks are divided into five modules, which will support learners in building competency in facilitating online learning.

This course will run from September 30 - December 8, 2019.

Contact Kristi Thomas Online Teaching Development Coordinator at kristi.thomas@uleth.ca in the Teaching Centre if you want to participate in this course.


Brad Reamsbottom | brad.reamsbottom@uleth.ca | 403-380-1856 | uleth.ca/teachingcentre