Exciting New Courses from the School of Liberal Education - Spring 2019

The School of Liberal Education is pleased to announce some exciting new courses for Spring 2019:

LBED 1500: First-Year Experience: Mapping our Communities  (Intended for First Year Students only!)

LBED 2850A: Conceptualizing Youth

LBED 2850B: Perspectives on Schooling (Great for Pre-B.Ed students!) 

LBED 3010 PHIL 3000: The Law: Obey or Disobey? (note:  this course is cross-listed between Liberal Education and Philosophy)

LBED 3850A: Themes in Innovation (Learn about problem solving, develop your skills, design a project!)

Check on the link for more info.


Bev Garnett | bev.garnett@uleth.ca | (403) 380-1894

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