Emergency Notification System & Fire Alarm Speaker Testing

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Emergency Notification System (ENS) 

& Monthly Fire Alarm Speaker Tests 



A full test of the Emergency Notification System will be conducted on Thursday January 18, 2018 at approximately 1210 hrs and will involve campus-wide text and audio messages to the University VoIP phone system, email, U of L Twitter feed, U of L app and U of L website and Fire Alarm Speakers where available. 


The Campus Fire Alarm Speaker Tests will be conducted at the following Dates and Times. Be Aware & Prepared! 






Alberta Water and Environmental Sciences Building (AWESB) 

Monday January 15, 2018 

0950 – 1000 hrs 

Mount Blakiston House 

Monday January 15, 2018 

1010 – 1020 hrs 

Piikani House 

Monday January 15, 2018 

1030 – 1040 hrs 

Markin Hall (MH) 

Monday January 15, 2018 

1250 – 1300 hrs 




University Hall (UH) 

Thursday January 18, 2018 

(During Full ENS Test) 

1210 hrs 




Centre for Sports and Wellness (CSW) / 

Max Bell Regional Aquatic Centre (MBRAC) 

Thursday January 18, 2018 

0845 – 0855 hrs 

Students Union Building (SU) 

Thursday January 18, 2018 

1310 – 1320 hrs 

University Centre for the Arts (UCA) 

Thursday January 18, 2018 

1330 – 1340 hrs 

Library Information Network Centre (LINC) 

Thursday January 18, 2018 

1455 – 1505 hrs 


As with previous tests, Campus Incident Response Team (CIRT) members are requested to check their areas during the test to ensure that the system is functioning (ie. Security Representatives instructions can be heard clearly; the general alarm is audible and distinct; the fire strobe lights within respective areas are flashing; hallway doors close, if applicable). 

This test is conducted to ensure that the Emergency Notification System is functioning.  A pre-recorded voice will be heard clearly.  You will hear a short beep which will begin the messaging as follows: 

“Attention! Attention! This is a test. I repeat, this is a test of the emergency communication system on campus, DO NOT TAKE ANY ACTION. This is only a test to familiarize the university community with the emergency notification system, thank you for your cooperation.”  Followed by “The test is now completed, thank you for your cooperation.” 


To report any concerns regarding the tests, or for more information, please contact: 

  • Office of Emergency Management at oem@uleth.ca or 

  • Nolan Meyer, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 

403.329.2115 (ext 2115) email nolan.meyer@uleth.ca or 

  • Bob Muskovich, Security Services Manager 

403.329.2603 (ext 2603) email r.muskovich@uleth.ca 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these essential tests. 


Nolan Meyer | nolan.meyer@uleth.ca | (403) 329-2603