COVID-19 Update — Application process for expanded access to the Lethbridge campus

This message contains important information about the process for expanded access to the Lethbridge campus.  At this time, access protocols to the Calgary Campus remain unchanged as we work with our BVC partners on questions of building access.

As the province moves ahead with its relaunch strategy, the University of Lethbridge is easing restrictions for access to its Lethbridge campus over the summer. We ask that faculty, staff and students who can work from home continue to do so in order to meet the government request that we limit in-person attendance of people on campus. At the same time, we understand that for some the need for campus access is becoming increasingly critical.

The following processes will allow for those who require access to equipment or facilities on the Lethbridge campus to apply for access if their work can be accomplished in line with the provincial guidelines for post-secondary institutions:

Faculty members:

To facilitate research activities, faculty members can apply for Lethbridge campus access if their work (or the work of their teams) meets one of the following criteria:

  • Critical research that requires on-campus equipment or facilities.
  • Time-sensitive research that requires on-campus equipment or facilities, including:
    • Graduate and undergraduate student work, regardless of where they are in the program (application is made by the supervisor, not the student).
    • Time-sensitive work that is required to complete publications, prepare for grants or other creative or research work.

To facilitate teaching activities, faculty members (including instructors) can apply for Lethbridge campus access if their work meets one of the following criteria:

  • Teaching preparation that requires on-campus equipment, spaces or materials that are not available at home. Examples might include recording the demonstration of a lab technique with materials not available at home or using software that cannot be remotely accessed.
  • When on-campus equipment, spaces or materials are required to support summer or fall 2020 program completion for graduating students as determined by the Faculty (application is made by the supervisor, not the student). Examples might include a graduating exhibition for an MFA or a group music recital required for graduation.

Intermittent access to retrieve materials from the Lethbridge campus continues to be available via the One-time access form.

There is an additional category under which people may apply for access

  • Research- or teaching-related office work that can be done remotely, but where the home space is not optimal or causes undue hardship and thus access to one’s campus office is necessary. Examples here might include personal reasons such as lack of privacy and noise in the home environment, sub-optimal working space or sub-optimal end product.

This category recognizes that experiences of working from home may be more challenging for some than others; however, applications under this category will initially be used to better understand the demand and may not be immediately approved. The feasibility and implementation (e.g. full or rotating office access) of approval here will depend on the volume of requests.

Faculty members applying in all the above categories, including on behalf of students, will be asked to specify how the requested access will comply with public health workplace requirement and all requests will be subject to health and safety assessments and training prior to approval being granted.

The application form as well as further information can be found here: Stage 2 Access.

Staff members:

Staff members may also need increased access to campus in limited circumstances, especially when necessary to support shifting operational requirements with respect to the increased access of academic staff, evolving departmental demands to support business continuity, or the transition of student services over the summer months. Such requests should be submitted to supervisors, who will identify needs and work with deans and executive directors to increase access as necessary.  As well the one-time access application continues to be available: One-time access form.


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