COVID-19 — Message to Researchers

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

We are writing to you in your role as a researcher at the University of Lethbridge. As a follow up to the President’s announcement on Wednesday, Mar. 18 we offer the following as we anticipate your shift from working on campus to working at home. In terms of your responsibility as a researcher we would like you to consider the following:

Take care -- of yourself; take care of your students; take care of your workspaces & labs, considering your impact on your colleagues & the community. Be safe.

Anticipate change -- we have seen mandated changes daily and we continue to respond accordingly. Researchers, as well as the students and staff working with you have been asked to shift their work and their workplace from the university campus to home, unless you have discussed this with the Risk and Safety office and have secured permission from the AVPR.  We ask you to make this shift in the next 24 hours. If you have questions about transitioning your research, please reach out to the individuals below, or to your grant facilitator for grant-related questions (see attached contact list).

Please note: currently and for the foreseeable future, individuals must suspend face-to-face research.  We understand the impact that this has on ongoing research programs.

No travel, research or otherwise, can be taken at this time.

No new animals will be ordered, and no new lab experiments will be started.  We are looking at closure procedures and will communicate further with researchers who are impacted by this. We will continue to provide useful supports and information.

As we move through this change, and eventually return back to some level of normalcy, the University is committed to support you in all of your research activities.

We will continue to communicate and share resources as they become available; for example protocols for human participant research, information about liquid nitrogen dewar maintenance, shut down of some wet labs, and identification/cross training of personnel who will be required to work on-campus. Please stay tuned!


SSHRC Grants:  Emma Dering,
NSERC Grants:  Stacey Leavitt,  
CIHR Grants:   Penny D'agnone,
Industry-related Grants:  Brandie Lea,
Faculty of Education: Chris Mattatall,
Faculty of Arts & Science: Jennifer Copeland,
Faculty of Health Sciences: tba
Dhillon School of Business:  tba
Faculty of Fine Arts:  Doug MacArthur,
School of Liberal Education:  tba
Library: contact your supervisor


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