Course Offering: Themes in Innovation

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Students will be introduced to some of the foundational ideas that contribute to the innovation culture, which is built upon the principles of problem-solving, designing & building solutions, and supporting community growth through collaboration. Students are able to move an idea through its inception to a full-blow proposal. Successful student projects have an opportunity to continue being developed once the course is completed. Eligible ideas will be supported through Agility to see their proposal become a reality.

Themes in Innovation is offered in the Spring Term and is a Lib.Ed 3850 course.

 About the Course

The course will consist of guest lectures and hands-on workshops on topics that include:

  • Design thinking
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Social impact
  • Rapid prototyping

In addition, students will put into action these skills and foundational ideas to solve problems related to a theme. A variety of topics will be introduced to help provide students with ideas to identify their final projects.

Themes in Innovation 2018 is

  • 3000 level Liberal Education course (LibEd 3850)
  • Offered in Spring 2018
  • Open to all majors
  • Minimum second year standing

*Note: If you completed Themes in Innovation 2016 (FA3850 or FA 5850), you are not eligible to enrol in LibEd3850.


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