Coffee cups no longer accepted for recycling - personal containers encouraged

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

With cardboard coffee cups no longer accepted into the University’s recycling stream, Caretaking Services is urging everyone on campus to bring their own coffee containers to the U of L.

Caretaking Services was recently informed that their recycling partner would no longer accept coffee cups due to the wax content on the cups and their inability to process them. Rather than divert these cups to the landfill, the University is urging everyone to be mindful of our environmental imprint and to think about bringing in their own containers.

“We have made a commitment on campus to the fundamentals of sustainability and while it was convenient to have the disposable cups as part of our recycling stream, that is not possible anymore,” says Judy Jaeger, manager, Caretaking Services. “By bringing your own containers to campus, we’ll hopefully avoid sending thousands of cups to the landfill.”

Jaeger adds that some coffee providers on campus even offer incentives for those who have their own containers, such as Tim Horton’s and the Students’ Union’s Coffee Company, each of which give .10 cent discounts to those with their own cups. She adds that the U of L is also trying to source other recycling partners that may still accept coffee cups for recycle. The plastic lids from coffee cups are also still accepted into the recycling stream.


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