Canadian Common CV (CCV) and UNIWeb support available

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Canadian Common CV (CCV) and UNIWeb support available 

The Office of Research & Innovation Services (ORIS) is pleased to announce that summer research assistants are available to support faculty with the migration of their curriculum vitae data into the Canadian Common CV (CCV) and UNIWeb systems.

The CCV is increasingly being used by granting agencies, in particular the Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR), as part of their application requirements.  To facilitate the use of the CCV, the University subscribes to UNIWeb which can be used to maintain your CCV in a much more user friendly manner. It is anticipated that the UNIWeb CV will be required for internal grant competitions beginning Fall 2017.

Building on the success of this support program last year, ORIS is again offering CCV assistance to facilitate University of Lethbridge researchers with their funding applications and in support of their research endeavours.

Melissa Bexte specializes in CCV assistance for faculty in the natural and health sciences (e.g. NSERC, CIHR), while Monica Lockett provides specialized assistance for faculty members in the social sciences, humanities, education, management, and fine arts (e.g. SSHRC).

Effective immediately until the end of August, Melissa and Monica are accepting requests for assistance on a first-come-first-serve basis, with priority given to faculty members who intend to apply to the Tri-Agency or other external funding sources in 2017, Research Chairs, and those who are participants in 2017 ORIS workshops.

Because the CCV can contain personal and/or confidential information, both Monica and Melissa have each signed a Confidentiality Agreement to cover all duties related to their assignments over the summer. ORIS has these documents on file and would be happy to provide copies as requested.

Please feel free to contact our assistants directly at the following email addresses:

Melissa Bexte (NSERC, CIHR):                            

Monica Lockett (SSHRC):

B635; x4433


Gillian Laird | | (403) 329-2101