This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

The City of Lethbridge Fire Department in conjunction with Campus Safety will be conducting annual fire drills in all buildings on Campus on August 24, 2017 beginning at 8:45 a.m. and rotating throughout campus. 

Campus Safety respectfully request the cooperation of each employee and department to cooperate with these drills.  The Lethbridge Fire Department will be on site to assess our state of readiness relating to training, procedures and response.

When the general fire alarm sounds in your building, occupants will be required to exit that building and follow the instructions of the area CIRT (Campus Incident Response Team) member.

Building occupants will not be able to return to their building until the fire bells have been silenced or you have been instructed to do so by a CIRT or Campus Security personnel.

Following are the approximate times that fire drills will be held in each building: 

0845 Hrs - Parkway Service Complex

0900 Hrs - Paterson Centre

0910 Hrs - Daycare

0930 Hrs - UHall & UCA

1000 Hrs - Library

1020 Hrs - Student Union

1035 Hrs - CSW & MBRAC

1055 Hrs - Turcotte Hall

1110 Hrs - Markin Hall

1140 Hrs - Penny Building

1315 Hrs - Anderson Hall

1335 Hrs - Hepler Hall

1355 Hrs - CCBN

1415 Hrs - AWESB

The University takes the safety of all within its campus community most seriously and thanks each of you in advance for your cooperation and ongoing support of the Fire Safety Program.


Darlene Konynenbelt | | (403) 329-2190