Campus Cannabis Policy

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Cannabis legalization is fast approaching and it is important to be aware of the changes that will occur on and off campus.

The University of Lethbridge has a Cannabis Policy that will become effective upon legalization. (tentative date: October 17, 2018)

The University is committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment for the University Community, where fit to work and fit to learn are the guiding principles. 

Upon legalization, cannabis use will be a personal choice for adults.  Cannabis use does come with risks to your health and wellbeing. If an adult chooses to recreationally use cannabis, it is important to know the facts and strategies to reduce the risks. 

Cannabis Legalization Campus Policy Quick Facts: (Pending legalization date)

  1. The legal age for possession and consumption is 18 years old.
  2. Consumption of cannabis in vehicles and driving impaired is against the law.
  3. Cannabis must be purchased from AGLC Authorized Retail Stores. (No retail stores will be on campus)
  4. Consumption on campus will be permitted OUTDOORS IN DESIGNATED AREAS. (see policy for campus map)
  5. Advertising, marketing and sales will not be permitted on campus.
  6. Growing for personal use will not be permitted on campus, including housing.

For more information:

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