Call for Proposals - Spark 2019 Teaching Symposium

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Proposals are due March 11th.

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What is Spark?

The goal of the event is to connect with all instructors from across multiple departments and faculties to highlight innovative teaching methods, celebrate teaching excellence, and to explore how we are moving forward as a liberal education institution. We will do this via lectures, panel discussions, round-table discussions and more.

Submitting a Proposal

Guidelines for Submission

The Teaching Centre and the Teaching Centre Advisory Council encourage anyone involved in teaching on campus to submit a proposal. We believe that every instructor on campus, from tenured faculty to graduate teaching assistants, has something valuable to contribute to this symposium.

Guiding Ideas

If you are looking for some ideas or guides to help you with your proposal, you may want to consider some of the topics below. The list below is not an exhaustive list of topics, nor do you have to adhere to the listed topics. We hope that they provide you with some possibilities for the symposium, but please submit any other topics you feel fit with Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

  • Internationalization of curriculum
  • Practical assessment
  • Indigenization and decolonization of education
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education
  • Experiential learning
  • Mentorship experiences
  • Digital teaching and learning

It is not our intention that you have to adhere to these categories. They are merely here to provide you with some ideas. If you have an idea that does not subscribe to these suggestions, we welcome a submission with the topic of your choice.

What formats are available?

We encourage you to submit a proposal in the format that will work best for you. All presentation formats will have a 45-minute time limit. Below is a list of possible formats.

  • Individual Presentation: One person presents on a topic followed by a very brief Q and A at the end of the presentation.
  • Panel Discussion: A group of 2 or more discussing a topic. A brief Q and A can take place at the end of the session
  • Round-table Session: You will facilitate a discussion on a chosen topic. You can choose to have more than one facilitator.
  • Graduate Student Poster Session: During the wine and cheese event we will be hosting a poster session that will focus on graduate student teaching. If you are a graduate student involved in teaching courses at the UofL, we strongly encourage you to submit a proposal for your poster.

Proposal Requirements

  • Maximum of 250 words.
  • A brief and descriptive title for your presentation.
  • You can include your proposal inline via your email submission, or you can attach a word document (doc or docx format) or a plain text (txt) document.
  • All proposals must be submitted to the Teaching Centre no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 11th, 2019

Each presenter shall provide:

  • Name
  • Faculty and Department
  • Position (professor, associate professor, graduate teaching assistant)
  • A short one or two-line bio that will be used for introductions during the conference
  • Indicate the format you wish to use for your proposal (Individual Presentation, Panel Presentation, Round-Table discussion)

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