Board of Directors opportunity with the Oldman Watershed Council

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Are you passionate about watershed health? If so, the Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) wants you!

There are 10 spots open on the OWC Board of Directors for nominations. Each sector will have a main representative and a second or alternate - who will attend meetings in their place when they cannot.  This means that if you do not win the election as the representative, you could be elected as an alternate. THIS DOES NOT APPLY FOR MEMBERS-AT-LARGE.

The OWC is accepting nominations for:

  1. Academia (1 spot)
  2. Wildlife Conservation Organizations (1 spot)
  3. Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (1 spot)
  4. Commercial/Industry Companies (1)
  5. Health (1 spot)
  6. Members-at-Large (4 spots)
  7. First Nations (1 spot)

If you are interested in submitting a nomination form for yourself or someone you think would be a perfect fit, please contact Shannon Frank, Executive Director at 403-330-1346 or For more information on this opportunity click here.

Nominations are due April 30, 2017.



Anna Garleff, OWC | | (403) 330-1346