Assessment information for fall courses

As the Teaching Centre continues to prepare for Fall 2020, they've developed resources for faculty and instructors about assessment of student learning and academic integrity in online courses. What can you do to assess student learning while encouraging academic integrity? 

  • Consider alternate forms of online assessment and review the Teaching Centre's resources on online assessment strategies.
  • Talk to your students about academic integrity and review the University's Academic Offence Policy with them.
  • Include information about assessment and academic integrity in your course outline.
  • Encourage students to review the Student Success Centre's resources and attend their workshops.
  • Provide clear instructions on what is expected from your students. Clearly indicate if group collaboration is permitted or if students must work independently.
  • Talk to your students about personal challenges they may face due to to COVID-19 and that may impact their learning.

Check out the Teaching Centre for more resources.


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