All U of L travellers strongly urged to register before going abroad

This notice is from the archives of The Notice Board. Information contained in this notice was accurate at the time of publication but may no longer be so.

Political turmoil and tension can escalate at any time and place throughout the world. Recent events in Hong Kong and Iran have only served to highlight the need for those who are travelling abroad to register with International SOS before embarking on any international travel.

The U of L is actively involved in teaching and research activities across the globe, presenting opportunities for faculty, staff and students to travel abroad. International SOS is the support for University travellers when they are preparing to leave Canada on University business, allowing travellers assistance when they are directly impacted by tragic incidents, illness, natural disaster or civil unrest while abroad.

Having active travel insurance, while prudent, is simply not enough when it comes to preparing for travel outside of Canada. And while students have increasingly utilized the services of International SOS, it is important for faculty and staff members to recognize the need for this invaluable service and to register before any type of travel.

Campus Safety has, over the last decade, assisted U of L travellers with a variety of incidents, from mental and physical health problems to theft, armed confrontation, protests and demonstrations and weather-related challenges. Any one of those incidents is reason enough to recognize the risks associated with travel. These exposures are very real and having access to support services while abroad is considered advisable.

Students are reminded, per the Student Safety Abroad Policy, that prior to participating in any University-related activity outside of Canada, you must register your travel plans with the University through the Campus Safety Travel Abroad Registry and obtain the required authorizations to travel. The policy helps manage the risks associated with university-sanctioned international travel programs and activities, and provides consistent processes to undertake. It, however, only relates to student travel.

Campus Safety is proposing a review of the existing travel policy to include all U of L travel outside of Canada, including faculty and staff. However, until such a policy is reviewed and approved, all travellers are strongly encouraged to prepare and mitigate their travel risks accordingly.

Campus safety strongly recommends all travellers register their business travel on the Uleth Safety Abroad Registry and diligently review resources for travel planning at the Campus Safety web pages for travel outside of Canada.

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Travellers may also contact Campus Safety for assistance where required at email or by telephoning 403-329-2603.

Doug Mackie
Chief Safety Officer


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