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As you know, students seeking the CPA designation now have two options: the traditional public accounting path (MNP, PWC, Deloitte etc.) or the Experience Verification Route (EVR) which could include large corporations, government organizations, not-for-profits, or medium-sized business employers. EVR jobs generally do not include tax season and audits and are broader in scope. Both options provide the required practical experience for the CPA designation.

What you may not know is how to decide which route to take. There are important considerations to balance, but above all, choose the organization that is a good fit for you and will support your success through the professional education program and the CFE.

Asking the right questions will help you land in the right place, whether it’s for a co-op, or your practical experience and CFE. Some things to ask to help you understand your options, and get a sense of what your experience will be like: What is your overtime policy? How much paid and unpaid study time to you provide for your CFE writers? Do you offer in-house CFE training? How many past CFE writers will I be working with? Will you pay for my CPWASB modules (OR MPAcc)? As importantly, ask how you can add value to the employer. For example: What do your most successful students do to add value?

So, although the “Big Four” firms used to be top of mind for new accounting graduates, the current options are very diverse! That diversity also means you must be smart when picking your role for the CFE. Choose the role that matches your practical experience! Not the role you “think” you need to pick. No door is closed forever if you change your mind later on.

Plan practical the experience you want to have. Leverage the resources available while you grow in your career. Choose the right role for your CFE.

Good luck everyone!

Sonya von Heyking CPA, CA, CIA

Accounting Area Chair – External

Instructor (Accounting) & Director, CPA Bridging Program

Dhillon School of Business



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