WSSS webinar: The Artist as Researcher

This webinar highlights the artist as researcher and contributor to the development of knowledge and innovation through artistic expression, scholarly investigation, and experimentation.


Monique Giroux holds the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Music, Culture, and Politics and is an Assistant Professor in the Music Department. Her research addresses Métis cultural revival and resurgence, critically exploring how music is used to negotiate relationships between Indigenous nations and settler populations. She has undertaken ethnographic research in the Canadian Prairies, Ontario, North Dakota, and Montana, as well as extensive archival research focused on public discourse around, and settler appropriation of, Metis culture.

Eve Chartrand’s research creation investigates the nature of negative body representations associated with ageing, including narratives of inclusiveness and visibility outside normative constructs. Specifically, what are the implications to self-identity and agency of current negative body constructs in middle-aged women’s lives? How can a Non/human-inspired approach suggest a more compassionate and vibrant humanism prone to generating re-interpretations and re-considerations of women’s ageing bodies otherwise defined by disability, ontological decay, and death?

Marie-Jeanne Musiol creates images and experimental videos with the luminous imprints of plants that she records in electromagnetic fields. These bodies of light expressed through hundreds of captures are assembled in an “energy herbarium” where electricity and photography converge. Her fascination with a yet-to-be "energy botany" is an invitation to see the world differently - a place where open-ended sensibilities can accommodate both hard science and metaphysical approaches within a worldview.


Mia van Leeuwen
Artist + Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts

[Image credit:
Bodies of Light no. 360 (Fern)
Photograph by Marie-Jeanne Musiol]

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