A TRAIL OF CRUMBS: An Interdisciplinary Creation Workshop with Andrea Spaziani

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A TRAIL OF CRUMBS: An interdisciplinary creation workshop with visiting artist Andrea Spaziani
2 pm, February 8, 2019
Room W420 (Drama Studio)
Free workshop open to all students in Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge

How can an artist find their way back from being lost? How can becoming lost lead to the discovery of something new that you might not otherwise encounter? In this creation workshop we will look for the trail that is left behind when we make work, even if that trail has already disappeared. We will turn our heads a lot and use our bodies, perception, and intuition. We will move forward while also looking back and develop our own tracking systems.

This workshop is for anyone interested in experimenting with how to make things (artwork, dances, music, videos, writing, baking, crafts, poems) and moving the body. We will make something together, share it, and talk.

Please wear comfortable clothes, running shoes, and bring something you think is unfinished and would like to work with (an object, an idea for a story, an image, a fragment of cloth, a costume, half of a drawing, a trace, a riddle, a recipe, a video file, a song chorus, etc.)

Register for the Workshop here

While on-campus, Andrea Spaziani is also speaking in Art NOW at noon on February 8 in the University Recital Hall. More info about the lecture here.

Room or Area: 
W420 (Drama Studio)

Photo credit: Andrea Spaziani


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