THE THREE ECOLOGIES INSTITUTE: An Open Laboratory for Thinking in the Making

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Please join us, as Dr Manning, Director of SenseLab, visits the University of Lethbridge to give a workshop for the Centre for Culture and Community, posing the question: How does the transversality of the ecological, the conceptual and the social, play out within our own (emergent) collectivities ? 

When: Monday, February 19 at 2 :00 PM

Where: PB 200 Penny Building, 324 5th Street South

Dr Manning’s workshop follows SenseLab’s 3 Ecologies approach to thinking in the making. 3 Ecologies promotes a “collective learning environment dedicated to participatory experimentation where concept-making meets embodied creative practice.”

As university education has been focused more concertedly on preparation for the job market, its earlier mission as a realm for creative exploration of personal and collective potential and free inquiry into fundamental questions of life and values has eroded. This trend has reached the point that in some countries, the humanities and social sciences, the disciplines most identified with the university's earlier mission, have come under the knife.

This development is symptomatic of the situation to which the Three Ecologies Institute (3E) is responding. 3E’s vision, however, is broader than the immediate demands of the job market (while in no way underplaying their importance). The Institute aims to provide a dedicated place for creative exploration and free inquiry as values in themselves.

3E moves toward the question of value in every sense, asking what else value can be. This includes financial value. Our current experimentation with altereconomies (what we call schizoeconomies, after Guattari) working within the cryptocurrency framework will orient the discussion.

With support from the Vice-President (Research) Outreach and the Knowledge Mobilization Fund, University of Lethbridge, and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

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Free to attend!


Jennifer Tarnowsky | | (403) 915-5313