TheatreXtra presents IED

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Feb 1 - 3 | 7:00 pm nightly | David Spinks Theatre

IED is a new play, written by Samuel Jurisic, that examines what it means to be a ‘functioning’ human. Inspired by the album Wicked City by Bobby Raps, and Hospice by The Antlers, this piece explores the nature of loneliness, violence, and acceptance, in a world not quite like our own. IED is a character study of four mental-health patients faced with questions of fate and misfortune, and asks if broken humans can mend each other’s wounds. “Do you know why you are here? Discarded and scattered among the plains. You are pieces of yourself. Left here. Together and alone. Why are you here?




Room or Area: 
University Theatre

$12 Regular, $10 Seniors & Alumni, $8 Students | 403-329-2616


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