Talking About Teaching - What is the Point? How to Provide Formative Feedback on Student Writing

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As educators, we know that providing students with comments on their strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions for improving their writing is crucial, yet this time-consuming and often frustrating process can feel mysterious to even the most seasoned teachers. Through discussion, examples, and interactive exercises, faculty from the Academic Writing Program will outline approaches that help teachers move beyond traditional corrective commentary to offer formative feedback that helps students to interact with, reflect on, and find solutions for their writing. In turn, we hope attendees will share their experiences and strategies for providing feedback on writing as well.

Panelists will include members of the Academic Writing Centre. 

Date: Friday, January 24th
Time: 12 - 1:30 p.m.
Join us in person or via our virtual Zoom connection
L1168 (University Library)
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Soup and beverages will be served. You are encouraged to bring other lunch items you may want.

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