Talk: Transgenerational Effects of Early Life Stress

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Transgenerational Effects of Early Life Stress

Adverse early life experiences are major influences on developmental trajectories with potentially life-long consequences. Prenatal or early postnatal exposure to stress, undernutrition or environmental toxicants may reprogram brain development and increase risk of behavioural and neurological disorders later in life. Not only experience within a single lifetime, but also ancestral experience affects health trajectories and chances of successful aging.

This talk is an introduction to transgenerational effects of early adverse experience on health and disease incidence in later life.

Mirela Ambeskovic is a PhD candidate in the Metz lab (Neuroscience) investigating the effects of transgenerational stress on aging and disease incidence across the lifespan. She received a BSc. and M.Sc. in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge. In her M.Sc. dissertation, she examined the transgenerational programming of the brain and behaviour by prenatal stress.

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