Speed Limit or Speed Bump? The k-calculus & "Extended" Relativity

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Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting talk presented by the Physics & Astronomy Department Spring 2018 Speaker Series

Speed Limit or Speed Bump? The k-calculus & "Extended " Relativity

Lecture Abstract:

Does the special theory of relativity allow for the motion of matter, energy, or information faster than the vacuum speed of light?  Conventional wisdom says no, and yet there is a large literature exploring this possibility since the formalism is, in fact, ambiguous on this very important point.  I will briefly review the history of tachyons (hypothetical faster than light particles) and “extended” relativity, and show how to develop the basics of a superluminal relativity using Bondi’s k-calculus.  

Date: Thursday March 8th, 2018

Time: 13:40pm - 14:55pm

Location: C640

Dr. Kent Peacock

Department of Philosophy

University of Lethbridge

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Room or Area: C640

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