Shoptalk - Creating, Editing & Using Video in Moodle

This event is from the archives of The Notice Board. The event has already taken place and the information contained in this post may no longer be relevant or accurate.

In this session of ShopTalks we will cover all aspects of video production for the classroom. We will cover the basics of equipment to use to best suit your needs. We will cover how to setup the camera, microphone and lights and choosing a location. There are numerous options available for editing your videos we will go over some basic applications as well as some more advanced options finding the right option that will suit your needs If you know how you want to use video in your class we will help fine tune the process to make it fit your needs. If you aren't sure how or if you would like to use video in your class we will be covering a number of different options for use in your class that include Flipping the classroomTutorial videosRecord a lecture if you can't be in classAdditional content of lecture outside of class timeRecord your lecture live for students to reviewBlended or distance learning classes If you would like to learn more about video in you classroom please attend one of the ShopTalk sessions. If you can't make either session please contact us and we would be happy to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help. We are here for your teaching.  About the Presenters: Todd has been with the University for 10 years and has been involved in numerous video projects and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of video production. He has recorded lectures, presentations, interviews, promotional videos, live streaming convocation. He has produced over 50 episodes across 5 different series for the Teaching Centre that have aired on the local ShawTV. If you have any questions about video production inside or outside of your classroom Todd can help. Jeff has been involved with teaching for over 20 years and has had the good fortune to work online for a portion of that (teaching for 2 years in a fully online k-12 school as well as offering a number of online courses here at the U of L for the Faculty of Education). Through trial and error he has found methods of engagement that work for him (and his students) in an online environment and he is happy to share what he has learned.

This same one hour session will be held on Tuesday, March 13th @ 9AM and again on Wednesday, March 14th @1PM. It will take place in L1126 in the Teaching Centre.  

There is no need to RSVP. Drop-ins are welcome. If this topic is of interest to you but you are unable to make the specified time, please reach out to our staff in the Teaching Centre (

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