Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: Theory and Applications

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The Department of Physics & Astronomy presents: "Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: Theory and Applications" with Mitja Fridman, PhD Student, University of Lethbridge.

Thursday, April 01, from 9 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

Join us on Zoom: uleth.zoom.us/j/99069795964

Quantum Gravity effects, which can potentially be measured in experimental or observational settings such as in magnetometers, Bose-Einstein condensates and cosmology, are explored. We study Quantum Gravity effects on the Larmor frequency of atoms in an external magnetic field. These effects arise due to the motion of the atoms and are potentially measurable using high-precision modern magnetometers. Next, we study Quantum Gravity effects on the density of states in statistical mechanics and its implications for the critical temperature of a Bose Einstein condensate and fraction of bosons in its ground state. This may as well be measurable with current technology. We also study the effects of compact extra dimensions on the above quantities. Finally, we study Quantum Gravity effects in the early Universe, which may explain the long-standing problem of the observed baryon asymmetry in it and constrain the Quantum Gravity parameters.

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Catherine Drenth | catherine.drenth@uleth.ca | 403-329-2280 | uleth.ca/artsci/physics-astronomy