PUBlic Professor Series: At Home presents 5 Questions with Dr. Louise Barrett

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The PUBlic Professor Series recently caught up with psychology professor, Dr. Louise Barrett, who encouraged us to think like an animal during the 2019/20 season. In this newly recorded video, Louise is interviewed by the University of Lethbridge’s curator of the art gallery and art professor, Josephine Mills. Louise and Josephine are research partners in the Lichen Lab, which looks to study the behaviours of people at an art exhibit utilizing techniques used to study vervet monkeys. These two exemplify the types of cross-discipline research possible, and in this video, they examine our place in nature, and why the “two cultures” of art and science are really just one.

This video is part of PUBlic Professor Series: At Home, where we catch up with speakers from the past six years, as well as learn about some of our upcoming speakers. We may be at home, but we can still stay connected through our shared love of lifelong learning.

Watch Louise’s original talk, "Supercharged Apes and Supersized Minds: How to Think Like an Animal" (previously recorded in front of a live audience on Sep 26, 2019).

We are very excited to make the PUBlic Professor Series available to everyone in the comfort of their own homes. We encourage everyone to have fun with this, prepare some appetizers, pour themselves a beverage of their choice and tune into PUBlic Professor Series: At Home.

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