Public Lecture: Building Communities Locally to Improve Blockchain Globally

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CryptoChicks is a world renowned network of entrepreneurs, technologists and educators working to promote AI, blockchain and women in STEM. With chapters all around the world, CryptoChicks is a leader in organizing technical, educational, social and public awareness events that make cutting-edge technologies accessible and comprehensible to all. Details of their various initiatives and activities can be found at:

We are pleased to announce that CryptoChicks is coming to the University of Lethbridge for BCHack 2019. Among other activities, Olga Plokhuta (Marketing and Communications Lead, CryptoChicks) is giving a public lecture on:  

Building Communities Locally to Improve Blockchain Globally – How to ease the learning curve for fresh arrivals in technology who might be interested in making the move over to the blockchain and AI world. 

The lecture has a broad scope that will appeal to students, faculty, professionals and general public. This is also a unique opportunity to interact with a global force in tech education and the empowerment of women.

The event is organized by the Optimization Research Group (Math & Computer Science). 

Room or Area: 

The event is open and accessible to public. COFFEE and SNACKS will be provided. 


Muhammad Khan (Optimization Research Group, Math & Comp Sci) | | (403) 329-2130 |

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