*POSTPONED to Later Date* Diverse Knowledges, Diverse Methodologies: Artists Research - Library Scholars Brown Bag Series

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Diverse Knowledges, Diverse Methodologies: Artists Research
Sandra Cowan, Fine Arts Librarian

Research methodology plays a key role in the discovery and sharing of new knowledge, along with other parts of the scholarly communication cycle. Some research methods are better understood and rewarded in academia than others – these are the ones that tend to earn more grant funding and institutional acknowledgement. Artists’ research methods and creative activity do not fit into the standard models of research and scholarly communication that most academic institutions use to understand and evaluate scholarly work. However, under-recognized methods, such as those in the fine arts, also lead to important new knowledge and insight. Investigating research methods of artists can broaden our understanding of research and give us insight into the creative process, and at the same time question some of the cultural and institutional assumptions about more privileged methodologies.

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Sandra Cowan | sandra.cowan@uleth.ca

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