Physics and Astronomy Speaker Colloquium Series

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Series: Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Speaker Series

Author: Geoffrey Sitwell (BSc '17) MSc Physics, University of Lethbridge

Affiliation: Rockely Photonics

Date and Time: Thursday, March 4, from 9AM to 10:15AM

Title: Silicon Photonics: Optics and Electromagnetism in Communications Technology

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Abstract:  The demand for high-speed data-transfer has never been higher than it is today. With more people working remotely and trying to stay connected high-speed data transfer has been required to keep friends and families connected and keep businesses operating. The devices which enable this digital connection are built-up from principles of many fields in Physics including Optics, Solid-State, Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism.

This talk will explore the convergence of Optics, Electromagnetism and Semi-conductor device physics in photonics, which refers to the production, modulation, and transmission of light. These processes are implemented to increase data transfer rates through Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), which operate similarly to traditional microchips but transmit signals using light rather than electricity. This talk will focus on photonic applications in communications technology.

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