"Non-Dominant Groups and Pentecostal Faith: Adopting a Culture-Infused Counselling Model" - Dr. Sandra Dixon (Faculty of Education)

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The Research on Religion Colloquium Series and the Religious Studies Interfaith Fund present:

Non-Dominant Groups and Pentecostal Faith: Adopting a Culture-Infused Counselling Model
Guest Speaker: Dr. Sandra Dixon (Faculty of Education)
Day/Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Time: 3 p.m.
Location: C-630

In the multicultural counselling literature, the Pentecostal faith tradition is often misrepresented despite its crucial role in enhancing the overall mental health well-being for various non-dominant immigrant groups. Given the increasing importance of multicultural counselling in diversity and social justice work, consideration should be given to the spiritual worldviews of Pentecostal faith adherents. In the context of multicultural counselling, practitioners, researchers, and educators are encouraged to recognize spirituality as a key dimension of cultural identity for many members of non-dominant groups like Black Canadian immigrants. This presentation facilitates discussions on how adopting a Culture-Infused Counselling Model (Arthur & Collins, 2010) can help multicultural counselling professionals develop the appropriate competencies to infuse effective spiritually based interventions into counselling practices. This interactive engagement also invites reflections on mutual respect, sensitive communication, critical thinking and the development of collaborative understanding of the Pentecostal faith tradition in multicultural counselling within the broader Canadian context.

Everyone is welcome.

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