Modern Languages & Linguistics Film Series - Film 4: Before Tomorrow (Canada, Marie-Hélène Cousineau & Madeleine Ivalu, 2008)

Cultural Isolation (19 November – 10 December)

Before Tomorrow (Canada, Marie-Hélène Cousineau & Madeleine Ivalu, 2008)

In summer of 1840, a group of Inuit families gather to fish. Ningiuq and her grandson stay on a remote island to dry the catch for winter. Though the celebration has been bountiful and joyous, Ningiuq sees her world as fragile and moves through it with a pervasive sense of dread. An intimate portrait of culture gradually becomes a tale of survival, as the pair wait in vain for the others to meet them. Based on the novel by Jørn Riel. (In Inuktitut with English subtitles) Watch the film

Zoom Discussion Meeting: Thursday, December 10 @ 6 p.m.

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