Modern Languages & Linguistics Film Series - Film 3: No (Chile, Pablo Laraín, 2012)

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Political entrapment (October 23 – November 18) 

No (Chile, Pablo Laraín, 2012)

René Saavedra is a fashionable young advertising executive who is solicited for an unusual and desperate project in 1988: defeating the Chilean dictator Pinochet in a plebiscite referendum. A “Yes” vote would extend Pinochet’s rule for eight years; but with René’s brash plan, the “No” side hopes to defy political threats and free their country. (In Spanish with English subtitles) Watch the film

Zoom Discussion Meeting: Wednesday, November 18 @ 6 p.m. 

How to participate:

  1. Watch the film between the dates indicated, on your own time, on the University of Lethbridge Library’s Criterion On Demand streaming services (follow the link and sign in).
  2. Before the “Discussion Meeting” date, send an e-mail to saying you will attend the meeting (you will be sent a Zoom invitation).
  3. Join the “Discussion Meeting” via Zoom: learn more about the film, share thoughts, and register for any participation mark being offered through a U of L course.
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