Modern Languages & Linguistics Film 6: "Rising Voices" and "Blackfoot Immersion"

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Modern Languages & Linguistics Film 6: Rising voices/Hótȟaŋiŋpi. Revitalizing the Lakota Language (USA, L. Hott & D. Garey, 2015) and Keeping Blackfoot language alive through Blackfoot immersion (Canada, CASLT, 2017)

These two short North American documentary films about Indigenous language revitalisation explore the Lakota and Blackfoot languages. The serious threats posed to these languages by colonialism are being actively resisted today by dedicated community members, activists and educators. (In Lakota, Blackfoot and English with English subtitles).

Hosted by: Dr. Inge Genee, Modern Languages & Linguistics and Indigenous Studies

Location: E690, UHall

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Free and open to the public


Beth Gerwin | | (403) 332-4572