Modern Languages Film #5: "Pixote"

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Modern Languages Film Series, film 5: Pixote: a Lei do Mais Franco [Pixote] (Brazil, Héctor Babenco, 1980). This documentary-style film tells the harsh story of Brazil’s delinquent youth, who are used as pawns by corrupt police and crime organisations alike. Director Héctor Babenco chose to cast non-actors in the main roles. The results is a harrowing and honest portrayal of how an 11-year-old boy, abandoned by family and society, becomes hopelessly entangled in a life of crime. Rated R. (In Portuguese with English subtitles). Wed. Nov. 21 screening hosted by Omar Rodriguez (Modern Languages).

Room or Area: 

Free and open to the public (film is rated "R")


Beth Gerwin | | (403) 332-4572