Modern Languages and Linguistics Speaker Series - Dr. Melanie Collado

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Since the 1990's a considerable number of forgotten women writers who published successfully in the first part of the twentieth century in France have been rediscovered and studied by scholars. Feminist researchers have played a key role in opening new pathways that lead to a reassessment of the French literary canon and contribute to a more complete picture of the literary scene in France before the Second World War. Camille Mayran (1889-1989) is one of these forgotten women writers. She published her first novel, Histoire de Gotton de Connixloo, in 1918 (for which she received the Prix du Roman de l'Académie Française) and her last work in 1980, Portrait de ma mère en son grand âge, and yet, despite this long literary career, she remains relatively unknown. This presentation will focus on her early novels and on the treatment of the notions of sacrifice and hardship.                                               


Dr. Alain Flaubert Takam


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