"Making History Corpo-"real": Putting the Gendered, Raced, and Sexual Body into History" - Heather Stanley

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Department of History Research Presentation

Making History Corpo-"real": Putting the Gendered, Raced, and Sexual Body into History
Guest Lecturer:  Dr. Heather Stanley (PhD - University of Saskatchewan)
Day/Date:  Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Time:  2 p.m.
Location:  E-690


How does the body work in history? What can actual “fleshy” bodies tell us about the past?

Dr. Heather Stanley answers these questions in her recently completed book which maps the gendered, raced, and sexual contours of married sex during Canada’s baby boom (1946-1966). Long romanticized as an era of conservative sexual innocence, discussions of sex and sexuality actually abounded during this time period and were deemed of national importance. Medical and religious elites, among others, discursively created idealized reproductive bodies in an attempt to improve married sex and, through those unions, support the nuclear family’s centrality to rebuilding the Canadian state after decades of social disruption. As evidenced by extensive oral history interviews, the multitude of authoritative interest profoundly affected Canadian women’s embodied sexual and reproductive lives and experiences.

Dr. Stanley will also speak about her emergent research into the embodied history of postpartum depression and other maternal mental illnesses in Canada since the 1700s.

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