L-functions and Mahler measure: number theory and beyond

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Prof. Matilde Lalin
Associate Professor, Universite de Montreal

Prof. Matilde Lalin is an Argentian-Canadian mathematician.
She did her undergraduate studies in Buenos-Aires, then was a graduate student in Princeton, and obtained her PhD from University of Texas at Austin in 2005.
She has been a member of several prestigious math research institutes (IAS in Princeton, MSRI in Berkeley, IHES in Paris, Max Planck in Bonn). She was also a PIMS postdoc in UBC before becoming an assistant professor at University of Alberta in 2007.
She moved to the Universite of Montreal in 2010 and is an Associate Professor there since 2012.

Her research interest is in number theory, with special focus on special values of L-functions, Mahler measure and their associated problems. She has published over 30 articles in the past 10 years and given over 120 talks all over the world.

Title: L-functions and Mahler measure: number theory and beyond


Abstract: In this talk we will begin by discussing zeta and L-functions and explaining why they are important. We will then introduce the Mahler measure, which is a function on the roots of polynomials but can also be extended to multivariable polynomials by doing a complex integral. These two seemingly unrelated topics are surprisingly connected, since the Mahler measure of multivariable polynomials often yields special values of L-functions. We will discuss some aspects of these intriguing relations as well as other unexpected relations arising from Mahler measure.


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