The Inquiring Mind

The Inquiring Mind is a student mental health training program that was developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The program is delivered in a workshop format and covers three main components: stigma reduction, resiliency skills, and the Mental Health Continuum Model. Beyond these main components, the program also teaches about creating a supportive campus and how to support others who may be experiencing poor mental health. The Inquiring Mind is designed to be interactive with activities and group discussions, as well as a set of scenarios for participants to work through.

After the workshop, students will receive a certificate of completion and their experience can be incorporated into their resume or cv. There is a limited number of spots available in the workshop, so students should sign up as soon as possible!

There are two dates scheduled for the Fall 2018 semester on our campus:

October 24th: 4:00-8:30pm in TH241

November 23rd: 2:00-6:30pm in AH117

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