ICE Presents: The Code Ritual

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The University of Lethbridge ICEe is back! This semester's final concert, The Code Ritual, is on December 10 | 7:30PM UTC-7.

Join ICEe (Integra Contemporary Electroacoustic Ensemble) online via Twitch and Mozzilla's open source VR Hubs to experience the coding talents of Evan Alexander, Aldrin Azucena, Chris Bernhardt, Cameron Hughes, Shaylen Hunter, Elliot Middleton, Loryn Plante, Nathan Stewart, D. Andrew Stewart.

ICEe is an electroacoustic music ensemble formed by students in the digital audio arts, computer science, management, and music from the University of Lethbridge.
The ensemble codes in the haskell-based language, Tidal Cycles, and an original audio-visual programming language known as Punctual.

During the event, The Code Ritual, ICE present's computer/algorithmic performances and live music and visual coding, streaming to Twitch and Mozilla’s open-source VR Hubs. Visit the concert venue now and every Monday (7:30 to 9:30PM UTC-7) – use the web browser Firefox for stereo sound.

Get a taste of collaborative coding roulette; performers contribute to a single musical voice while considering each other’s style and abilities, leaving openings for play and spontaneous improvisation.

Come experience countdown coding; performers show off their technical dexterity and musical sharpness while coding within the constraints of time.

The Code Ritual also features a mixed composition that retells a Métis Origin Story through spoken work, live sound and live coding.

So, what is live coding?




Room or Area: 
Twitch and Mozilla Hubs

For Information contact the uLethbridge Box Office
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