How Antisemitism has Shaped the Lives of Jewish Canadians - Prof. Ira Robinson (Concordia University)

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The Religious Studies Department and the Religious Studies Interfaith Fund will present:

How Antisemitism has Shaped the Lives of Jewish Canadians
Guest Speaker:  Prof. Ira Robinson (Professor, Religions and Cultures; Chair & Director of the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies - Concordia University)
Day/Date:  Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Time:  7:00 p.m.
Location:  TH-201 (Turcotte Hall)

Abstract:  As Anthony Julius stated, antisemitism "is the background noise against which we [Jews] make our lives."  For the last century and more, antisemitism has become and remains an important component of the historical memory and contemporary consciousness of Jewish Canadians as well as of the cultural and political discourse of Canada as a whole.  In this lecture, we will carefully examine how antisemitism has shaped and continues to shape the wsorld in which Jewish Canadians live both in terms of their collective communal life and their multiple interactions with their fellow Canadians.

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