The Herschel / SPIRE Spectral Feature Finder Catalogue

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Everyone is welcome to attend this exciting talk presented by the Physics & Astronomy Department Spring 2018 Speaker Series

The Herschel / SPIRE Spectral Feature Finder Catalogue

Lecture Abstract:
Over half of the energy emitted by the Universe appears in the relatively unexplored Far- Infrared
(FIR) spectral region, which is virtually opaque from the ground and must be observed by
space-borne instrumentation. The European Space Agency (ESA) Herschel Space Telescope provided the
first full-sky and broad-band access to the cosmos in the FIR spectral region.  Herschel was
comprised of three instruments which conducted imaging and spectroscopy in the FIR, including the
Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver (SPIRE), with the Canadian contribution to SPIRE directed
by the University of Lethbridge Astronomical Instrumentation Group (AIG).

This lecture introduces the Far-Infrared Universe, and describes the creation, validation, and
exploration of the SPIRE Spectral Feature Finder (FF) Catalogue, a spectral line catalogue based on
an automated custom spectral line fitting algorithm, with significant contribution by members of
the UL AIG in its creation. The SPIRE FF results are based on the spectral line fitting of ALL of
the Herschel/SPIRE spectrometer observation data, and
thus present a very user-friendly access point to explore the SPIRE spectrometer data.


Date: Thursday January 25th, 2018

Time: 1:40 pm - 2:55 pm

Location: C640

Dr. Locke Spencer

University of Lethbridge

Physics & Astronomy Department

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