Have you heard of genomics and bioinformatics? Do you want to join the fourth industrial revolution? - Career Exploration Session by SAGSC and Career Transitions

Since the sequencing of the first human genome in 2001, genomic technologies have enabled us to characterize and quantify biological molecules, such as DNA and RNA, in unprecedented scale, which has made a huge impact across many fields such as medicine, agriculture and environmental management. To tackle with the vast amounts of generated biological information generated by the use of genomics, bioinformatics emerged as a specialization of data sciences that focuses on the analysis of such large data sets. Genomics and bioinformatics are part of the fourth industrial revolution, which includes technologies that merges hardware and software with biology, resulting in the creation of many new educational and employment opportunities and will shape our world in the next decade. Universities and companies are increasingly leveraging genomics and bioinformatics, rapidly transforming the nature of human labour by increasing reliance on technology and computer algorithms and, thus, the field faces a huge surge in demand for skilled genomicists and bioinformaticians and consists of an attractive career path for young Albertans.

During this virtual Career Exploration Session the presenters Drs. Angeliki Pantazi and Athan Zovoilis will walk you through the exciting present and future of genomics and bioinformatics, and focus on the training opportunities and career perspectives in Lethbridge and beyond.

This Career Exploration Session is hosted by Career Transitions and is offered by the Southern Alberta Genome Sciences Centre (SAGSC), a research institute established at the University of Lethbridge in 2019 that focuses on the development of world class next-generation sequencing techniques and the advancement of bioinformatics and computational biology knowledge and technical awareness to analyse and interpret this data.

Registration is now open though Career Transitions at https://bit.ly/3j5CrEe.


Angeliki Pantazi, MD, PhD
Scientific Officer/Southern Alberta Genome Sciences Centre

Athan Zovoilis, MD, PhD
Canada Research Chair in RNA Bioinformatics and Genomics
Director/Southern Alberta Genome Sciences Centre
Academic Lead at BioNet Alberta


Angeliki Pantazi | info.sagsc@uleth.ca