Harley Hotchkiss Memorial Lecture Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard Betzel

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Talk Title: Modeling large-scale anatomical and functional networks: wiring principles and modular structure

Abstract: Advances in large-scale imaging of the human brain have made it possible to reconstruct inter-regional functional and anatomical pathways. These pathways can be represented as networks and analyzed using methodology from network science — a multidisciplinary field concerned with the study of how real-world networks are organized and function. In this talk, I will discuss two topics. First, I will discuss the concept of modularity in brain networks, and data-driven methods for uncovering modular structure in functional and anatomical networks, and several extensions of traditional methods to spatial networks and hypergraphs. Second, I will discuss a class of generative and mechanistic models of brain networks that we used to uncover generic wiring principles of large-scale human anatomical networks.

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Behroo Mirzaagha | b.mirzaagha@uleth.ca

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