First Responder to Sexual Assault and Abuse Training

This free 2 day training will provide participants with education and skill development in the following areas:

• Definitions, myths & laws about the various types of sexual abuse & sexual assault
• Training in immediate & long term impacts of sexual abuse & sexual assault
• Response to disclosures of sexual abuse & sexual assault
• Rethinking and engaging in prevention of sexual violence

Module One: Critical Communication Skills for First Responders
• Feedback, language, communication skills, Intersectionality, process of a disclosure and self-care.
Module Two: Child Sexual Abuse
• Definition, Criminal Code, consent, impacts and indicators and reporting obligations.
Module Three: Adults Who Were Sexually Abused as Children
• Impacts, PTSD and Complex PTSD, triggers and reporting options.
Module Four: Sexual Harassment
• Definition, impacts, discussion and reporting options.
Module Five: Sexual Assault
• Definition, Criminal Code, consent, myths, impacts, sexual assault trauma and reporting options.
Module Six: Rethinking Prevention
• Campaigns, education, awareness and inspiring hope.

Room or Area: 
Iikaisskini Gathering Place

Please register by following this link. 


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