Equality, Equity, and Educational Prosperity in Alberta’s Schools

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Prentice Institute for Global Population & Economy and the Institute for Child and Youth Studies
at the University of Lethbridge present:

Doug Willms, FRSC

University of New Brunswick

Equality, Equity, and Educational Prosperity in Alberta’s Schools

The capacity of a society to develop young peoples’ literacy skills and well-being depends on its ability to provide the right kinds of human and material resources to support healthy child development from conception to adolescence and beyond. Educational Prosperity is a framework that can be used to assess the capacity of a school district, province or country to develop children’s literacy skills and well-being, to set goals for increasing its capacity, and to monitor progress towards those goals. The framework follows a life-course approach, with key outcomes for each of several stages of development. These outcomes are referred to as ‘prosperity outcomes’. The family, institutional and community factors that drive these outcomes are called ‘foundations for success.’ The underlying premise is that if countries build strong foundations for success for each stage of children’s development, its children will thrive. In this talk, Professor Willms will discuss the theoretical underpinnings of Educational Prosperity and set out explicit definitions of equality and equity relevant to Alberta’s schools. He will show how various prosperity outcomes and the foundations for success have been measured in Alberta’s schools and how the findings can inform policies about when and where to intervene, how best to intervene, and how to grow successful interventions to scale.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

7:00 pm

Room PE250
The University of Lethbridge


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PE 250


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