Discussions Across Disciplines: Working with Youth Using Visual Methods

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Panelists: Drs. Omar Rodriguez (Modern Languages) and Andriko Lozowy (Sociology)

Join us for informal roundtable where Omar Rodriguez and Andriko Lozowy present their work with youth using photography and film. Hear about the challenges and affordance of the visual medium and participate in a discussion about working with youth using novel methodologies. 

Discussions Across Disciplines brings together an interdisciplinary group of students, faculty, and academic staff to discuss current topics that span various academic fields.

Room or Area: C450 (I-CYS)

Room or Area: 
C450 (I-CYS)


Victoria Holec | victoria.holec@uleth.ca | http://www.uleth.ca/research/centres-institutes/institute-child-and-youth-studies/overview-spring-20

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