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Guest Speaker:  LEAH BRADSHAW is a political theorist in the Political Science Department at Brock University.  She teaches courses on citizenship in contemporary liberal democracy and the impact of technology on our understanding of political engagement.  Recent publications have been on themes of citizenship, technology and modernity, and the relationship between thinking philosophically and acting politically.


TOPIC:  "THE CRISIS IN CITIZENSHIP"  These are troubled times for liberal democracy.  Electorates are polarized, populism is on the rise, voting rates are down, stateless migrants are looking for a home, gender identity is in question, and people are increasingly reliant upon digital communications for information and social contact.  It's all very confusing.  How should, or can, ordinary citizens respond to this crisis?

!!! You are invited to join us at 7pm on Monday, March 5th in Turcotte Hall - 201 !!!

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